PelletDuster Pellet Sifter 






PelletDuster Pellet Sifter  PelletDuster Pellet Sifter
    PelletDuster Pellet Screener    
                   PelletDuster PelletDuster Pellet Screener 

                       Pellet Sifter / Screener

Improve your stove’s performance and reduce service calls by filtering out the troublesome pellet particles and dust, also known as “the fines”, found in every bag of pellets.

Simply pour your bag of pellets into the top of the PelletDuster. Dust and particles are filtered out - leaving only clean pellets ready for your stove.

Available either as a standalone device or as a PelletDecor accessory.

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PelletDuster Pellet Screener / Sifter


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Updated  February 26, 2012